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Hello Jim, terikasih already share photos via this website.

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The Special Blend crew will be on a new adventure via land in the next few weeks, will be adding new pictures of Special Blend Too.

 Martha  4/7/2014

Jim, thank you so much for sharing your site with me. I am sure I will be visiting it over and over. What a great experience for you and your wife (and family). I am proud that you took the leap of faith to make a trip like this. thanks again. Steve Hendrix

 STEVE HENDRIX  8/24/2011

Hi jim, I received your name from Christi Grab and it looks like you have some good adventures to follow. i have not checked your vessels technical details, but Christi remembered you might have some knowledge of Wesmar stabilizers. I am considering a N-40 with Wesmars(2005) and will appreciate any insight you can provide me. Happy Voyaging, David

 David Evans  11/5/2010

Martha Carol and Jim, I enjoyed reading about your adventures in the South Seas. Joe gave me your boat name and suggested I &quot;look you up&quot;. Very interesting! Your cousin Louise

 Louise Gantt  8/24/2010

where are the picture''s?

 unknown  8/19/2010


 HOOTIE  8/6/2010

Following you on google earth. Found island but not exact bay. Please post frequently. Freddy Grant

 unknown  7/5/2010

Hello! My name is Freddy Grant. I am a gynecologist in Meridian, Mississippi. I was at the Da Vinci robotic meeting in Celebration City today. I met your daughter Holly Lyle. She was telling someone else about meeting you soon and living on the boat for a month. I love boats and scuba diving so of course I jumped into the conversation. We use to have a 38 Ocean Sportfish. I had it from 1996 until 2005. My kids enjoyed it and we had some good times fishing on the Alabama gulf coast. I sold it when they got out of college. Even though we have a condo, I still miss staying on the boat. Unfortunately , my wife does not. Anyway, you two are living the dream that I have always had. Good luck in you travels. Please put me on your email list. Freddy Grant

 Freddy Grant  6/16/2010

Congrats on your first Grandbaby graduating high school! How is it that I met that little freckle face toe-head at age 6!!! Love that boy. Miss you all and heard Holly Renee was headed out shortly. Didn''t make it to the Keys in my &quot;window&quot; of time but that''s life. Be safe and I told Holly to watch out for Big Numba and Little Numba Men..LOL! Love Liz

 Liz  6/10/2010

Rick, Just wanted to make contact and see how things are going. All if fine here.

 Roger  6/8/2010

Hi Guys. Still following the trips you do.Just letting you know things are fine here. Nothing has changed.Good sailing Paul&amp;Braia&quot;channelvista&quot;Whangarei NZ

 unknown  6/4/2010

Hello Family! Hope you are gearing up and all is well. Thinking of you and wishing I was fishing! Baby is a girl and growing everyday. Kids are good, life is well, stay safe and know you are loved-Love Liz

 Liz  5/21/2010

Hi Martha! Got your letter- it was so good to hear from you! I am so happy to see you and Jim living your dreams. What beautiful places you have seen. Please be sure to contact me. I would love to see you the next time you are home. I am now a District Manager (still with Polo) . I have 2 stores in Miami and 3 in Puerto Rico. I am usually there once a month. Take care. I look forward to hearing from you. Karin

 Karin Herbert  5/1/2010

Woo Hoo! The 2010 Adventure has begun! Have fun and take lots of pictures to share!! Enjoy...

 Christy  4/30/2010